What is an Adjective?
Classroom Poster and 10 Activity Ideas

What is an adjective? An adjective is a word we use to describe a noun. It gives the reader extra infomation about it.

"What is an Adjective?" Poster

An adjective is a word we use to describe a noun. It gives the reader extra infomation about it.

When you write the noun "dog" you give the reader basic information. When you add an adjective, you give the reader information that they can use to create a more detailed picture of the dog. In this way, adjectives transorm the general idea of a dog into the more specific idea of a "muddy old sheep dog".

Adjectives transform the man into the fragile elderly man and the cake into the ornate wedding cake.

Ten "What is an adjective?" Activity Ideas

1. Give each student a slip of paper and ask them to write what they think an adjective is.  Read these to the class or get small literacy groups to read them and discuss.  When your students are finished show them the "What is an adjective Poster".

2. Use any photocopied text that the students can write on. This could be something that was put in their books earlier. Students simply use a pencil or marker to circle or highlight the adjectives.

3. Give each student a novel and ask them to find 10 adjectives in it. Once they have done this, call out a page number and challenge them to find 3 more. What is the first adjective on that page? What is the last adjective on that page? Can anyone find an adjective that starts with a P?

4. Divide the class in small groups and ask them to create a poster explaining what an adjective is. Give a prize to the winners. Half an hour free time or game time is easy.  Younger students could even colour in an A4 version of the poster on this page and paste it into their books.

5. Write a mix of adjectives and nouns on slips of paper and scatter or hide them in a playground or oval. Students race to collect them. Two points for an adjective- one point for a noun (that way the nouns aren't left on the ground). When the game is over glue these onto two posters titled - These Are Nouns! and These Are Adjectives!

6. Start creating a class collection of adjectives. Put them in a display that keeps growing or in a book that can be used as a reference during writing activities. A goal of 100 or even 1000 adjectives will help to keep the motivation. Students could be challenged to bring in one new adjective a day.

A simple display is to color in the  Poster and place it in the middle of a notice board.  Students can then place their adjectives in the space around the poster.

7. As part of homework, students ask each member of the family to think of one adjective and then write this down.

8. Students are placed in small groups and encouraged to talk. Everyone tries to spot when an adjective is used and then writes it down.

9. A mix of adjectives and nouns are placed in a bag and students are given two each. They must work out whether the words they have are nouns or adjectives and then use them in one or two sentences.

10. Students in small groups or pairs are given a pack of cards or pieces of paper with nouns and adjectives on them. They must sort them into two piles. Once they have the hang of sorting them, challenge the students to do it in two minutes or less. Use a classroom clock or stop watch to see who is the fastest.

11. Check out this fun 3 and a half minute adjective song created by Schoolhouse Rock.


Watch it as a whole class or on a tablet in a rotating small group English activity - ask students to draw a picture of themselves on a camping trip and write in 6 related adjectives around the picture. 

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