What Are Nouns?
Free Classroom Poster

What are nouns?  Nouns are the words we use to name things.

They make up the largest group of words in the English language.

Eyeball, sky, toenail, curtain, fish, arm, Amanda, London, rain, horses, book, bridge, pasta, clouds, finger, custard, street, Friday, face, monster and house are all nouns.

Below is a  What Are Nouns?  poster designed for use in the classroom.

Five What are Nouns Activity Ideas

1. Brainstorm noun names on the classroom board or on poster board in small groups.

2. Act out noun words written on a card - can the class guess what they are?

3. Use post it notes - to label everything in the classroom or the playground - this is lots of fun!

4. Draw an outline picture of yourself and label everything you can on it - hair, skin, eyes, eyelashes, pupils, hands, nails, pores, jeans, socks......this can go on and on.  To extend on this add labels to an outline of a dog, cat, frog, tree or other item.

5. Choose a page from a favorite book and write out all the nouns on the page.  You could also photocopy the page and circle the nouns.

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