Valentine Hearts Coloring Pages for the Classroom

Here are two valentine heart coloring pages you can use with your students.  

There are also 6 activity ideas as well.

6 Valentine Hearts Activities

1. Use the images below to make your own cards.

2. Who do you think the person in one of the pictures below is giving their present to? Will that other person be happy to receive it?

3. Write a short story that explains what happens next? Where does the person go? How are they feeling? Who are they with? 

4. Color in one of the pictures below and then write down 10 adjectives that could be used to describe the person in the picture.

5. Draw a costume on one of the people in one of the pictures below. Maybe they could be a super hero, a fairy, a cowboy or a pirate.

6. Write down a list of 10 or 20 nouns that relate to what is happening in the picture. For example: chocolate, love, romance, flowers, presents.


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