Here is a selection of sunflower plant resources that are ready to use in your classroom.

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6 Sunflower Activities

1. Sticky tape a large piece of paper to the wall. Stand up against the paper and trace around yourself to make a silhoutte. Find out how tall a sunflower can grow to and draw one that size next to your silhoutte.

2. How many words can you make out of sunflower (sun, flower, flow, low, new, won, fun etc).

3. If a sunflower looks like the sun what do you think a moonflower would look like? What about a starflower, a cloudflower or a balloon flower? Of course these are just made up flowers but it would be fun to draw them and see what they might look like. What other flowers can you think of?

4. Draw a garden with several sunflowers growing in it. Add other flowers that you know the names of. How many can you name (rose, tulip, daisy, dandelion)?

5. Draw yourself as a sunflower. Put in your face, make the petals the same color as your hair and add any other special features you want (glasses, freckles, bows). Draw a friend or pet standing next to you. Maybe they are giving you some water.

6. Imagine that you woke up in the morning to find your front yard filled with hundreds of sunflowers. Write a short story explaining what happened.

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