2 sunflower coloring pages and 5 sunflower page activities designed for use in the classroom.

Sunflower Activities

1. Color one of the sunflowers below in different shades of one color (for example, red, blue or yellow). Use all your felt pens and pencils but stick to one color.

2. Color one of the sunflowers below in all the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple).

3. Draw a family of sunflowers around the main sunflower. Add a partner, some children and some grandparents. You could even include some pets ( a bee or a beetle).

4. Create your own sunflower from colored paper. Fold a piece of painted or colored paper over and over until it is about 2.5 cms or 1 inch square. Draw a petal on the paper and then cut around it so that you create several petals at the same time. Glue these petals onto a circle of paper. You may need to cut out petals a few times.

5. Write a guide to looking after a sunflower. Include what a sunflower needs to survive (sun, water, soil). Color in one of the pictures below and use it as a diagram. Add labels to the various parts (stem, petals, leaves). Draw in the water being added the sun in the sky and the roots in the soil below.

sunflower coloring page to sunflower plant page

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