Starfish Coloring Page

Here are five free starfish coloring pages.  There are also activity ideas and links to more resources below.

Activity Idea:

Answer these questions.

When the boy picks up the starfish what does he do with it?

Will it fit in his bucket?

Do his parents let him take it home?

Is the starfish alive?

Is the starfish a star?  Is it a fish?  What is it?

What else can you find on the beach?

Draw some more starfish on the beach.

Put a sun and some clouds  in the sky.

Activity Idea:

There are three different types of starfish in this picture.  Color each type a different color (red, blue, green).

How many red starfish are there?

How many blue starfish are there?

How many green starfish are there?

Draw in five more starfish that are your own design and color them in.

Activity Idea:

Give this starfish a name and write a story about him or her.

Who does your starfish live with?

What does he or she like to do?

What amazing thing happened to change his or her life?

What did his or her family think of that?

Activity Idea:

Answer these questions.

These divers are playing catch with a starfish.  What other sea creatures could they play catch with?

The starfish looks really happy in the picture.  Do you think a starfish would like being treated like a ball?

Can you throw things underwater?  What happens when you do?

What other games could divers play?

What is your favourite game to play?  Could you play it under water?

Activity Ideas:

1. There is a shark, a fish and a starfish in this picture.  Add two more sea creatures to the picture (jellyfish, octopus, snake, snail, sea horse).

2. Carefully color in the picture.  Cover it with blue or green cellophane so that it likes like it is underwater.

3. Draw yourself as a mermaid in the front part of the picture.  Write a letter to your class telling them how you turned into a mermaid! 

Dear Class,

I went to the beach on the weekend.  I fell asleep after lunch and when I woke up I was swimming under the water.  I looked down and saw that my legs had turned into a tail!  My family told me that we are all mermaids and that they were waiting until I was old enough...........

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