Soccer Coloring Pages

Here are five soccer coloring pages.  There are also activity ideas and links to more free resources below.

Activity Idea:

1. Draw arms and legs on this ball.  Make sure you give him soccer boots as well.

Activity Ideas:

1.  How many white spaces can you see on this ball?  How many black spaces can you see? 

2. The white spaces on this ball look like the petals of a flower.  Draw five or more flowers growing on stems using  this same design.  Imagine that you have invented this new soccer ball flower.  What will you call it?  Who do you think would buy it?  What colors would it grow in?

Activity Idea:

Here are five people playing with soccer balls.  Which person looks like they are the best player?  Can you leap and catch a soccer ball like the person on the bottom left?  Why is that person wearing gloves? Could you bounce a soccer ball off the top of of your head?  Do you think it would hurt? 

Activity Idea:

Color in this penguin with a soccer ball. 

Imagine that this penguin is your pet and he loves soccer.  Write a paragraph explaining how much she likes soccer and what things she does.  Maybe she is always practicing in the yard, watching games on television and carrying the soccer ball around.  What is the funniest thing she has ever done?

Activity Idea:

There are a lot of different characters in this page.  Circle two and write a sentence for each explaining what they are doing.  Don't just write a simple sentence like, the boy is kicking the ball. Put in more detail and write something like,  David, who is playing in his final game of the year kicks the ball as hard as he can towards his team's goal posts.

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