Rewards for Kids

Rewards for kids help motivate and are a part of everyday classroom management. Here are 12 easy and free classroom rewards that you can use.

1, End of the day game - If the work gets done the class can go outside and play a game for the last half an hour of the day.

2. First to leave - The group that gets an activity done first or wins a challenge can be the first to leave the class for lunch.

3. Dance party - If a big goal gets achieved the class can celebrate with a half hour dance party in the last half hour on Friday.

4. Time to talk - This is a great reward if the students have been doing exams or other stressful activities.  Take the class outside if possible and sit under a tree and spend some time talking with the class as a whole.  If your not sure what to talk about you can invite the students to share something interesting or ask a question.  The aim is to keep it relaxed and just let the conversation flow. You could bring blankets and ask the students to bring their lunch and have a picnic as well.

5. Classroom Game - Play bingo, duck duck goose or another favorite game.

6. Star Student  - Have a notice board for acknowledging student behaviour and put the students names and/or pictures on it with what they have done.  For example - Gary writes amazing stories!  This works well if you add one a day and keep working your way through all the students.

7. Working with a friend - If the students have completed a task that was hard work  and required focus ,letting  them work with a friend in the next session is a great reward.

8. Music in the Room - Students can bring in music to share with the class.  This could be a special treat for one student or an end of the week treat for all the students.

9. Cleaning Up - Let the class take time out to clean their desks and sort through their equipment.  Students that don't need to do this can decorate their books,   help another student or if they want, clean an area of the class.

10. Free Choice - This is always a favourite and can be a great way to motivate students to get things done.  Students that complete a task can spend time doing any one of a range of activities.  These activities could be reading in a quiet area, art work, a quiet game with a friend, a fun worksheet or time on a long term project.

11. Praise - Gush a bit and tell them how clever and great they have been.  They love it!  

12. Story Time - Read a short story or a chapter from a book.

13. Move Around - Le t the students choose where they want to sit, or move the desks into small groups or let the students work on the carpet or at spare tables.

12. One Minute Reward - Quick rewards through out the day keep things light and moods up.  Students can stand up and do a quick dance for getting through the maths quiz, high five a friend, give each other a hug, sing a group song.  Just something quick and simple to relieve the tension.

I like to be able to use a reward when I sense the class is getting tired or agitated. If they are too energized then a ball game is a great reward, if they are exhausted then time outside is a great idea and if it is the end of a season or semester then cleaning desks and sorting through stuff makes sense.

Little rewards and lots of praise  through the day, with one or two bigger rewards each week (like a half hour game or dance party) works well.

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