Print out a regular verb list.

A regular verb is a verb that uses 'ed' when it is converted to past tense(for example walk becomes walked.

These are all regular verbs:

accept dress hug nail twist

annoy earn identify paddle unpack

arrest empty increased phone vanish

attract examine interrupt prefer wait

bake exercise invite provide waste

behave explain jail reduce waved

blind explode join refuse whisper

boil fade joke repair wander

book file judge rinse wonder

brake flood juggle rule work

buzz flow jump sack worry

carve force kiss scream wrap

chew fry learn shrug wrestle

clean gather lighten sparkle wriggle

compare grate like squash x-ray

correct grip load suggest yawn

cure guide mark talk yack

dare hammer matter thank yell

destroy heal milk tick zip

discover help move trade zing

Print out a poster for the classroom or your student's workbooks.

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