Rainbow Coloring Pages

Here are four free rainbow coloring pages. There are also activity ideas and links to more resources below.

Activity Idea:

Color the rainbow all its colors- red, orange, yellow,green, blue, indigo and violet.

Draw birds flying in the sky.  Color the sky light blue and the birds white and pink.

Draw lots of flowers growing on the hills and color them any color you want. The more colors the better.

Draw a large tree growing on the right hand side of the picture and fill it with apples.

Draw yourself walking proudly down the boat plank.

Activity Idea:

Color in the picture of this rainbow with the pot of gold at the end.

Imagine you were lucky enough to see this rainbow and  find the pot of gold - what would you do?

How heavy do you think the pot would be?

How would you carry it home?

Where would you put it (under your bed, buried in the garden or sitting on the kitchen table)?

How big do you think the pot is?

Is it as big as a loaf of  bread or bigger? 

What can you think of that is the same size?

How much gold could it hold?

How much is that much gold worth?

Activity Ideas:

1.Color in the rainbow and then use glitter glue over the top to add sparkle.  Use stretched out cotton balls to fill in the clouds.  Color the sky in light blue.

2. Color in the rainbow and use the cloud space to write in.  You could write a small poem, an inspirational quote or adjectives that relate to clouds or rainbows.

Activity Idea:

This picture has two mountains that look like they are made out of triangles.  The rainbow looks like it is made out of circles (half circles).  What other shapes can you add to this picture?

Can you make oval shaped birds, rectangular shaped buses or square shaped sheep?

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