Free Noun Worksheets

These free nounworksheets are designed to be used as exploration activities.  

They can be used when you are introducing nouns to lower grades or when you are revisiting and extending on nouns with upper grades.

Most of the worksheets provide open-ended activities that are intentionally playful.  They provide students with an opportunities to explore, manipulate and employ nouns. 

The Random Adjective/Noun Game

Cut out the adjectives and nouns and put them in different containers. Students can then randomly select or be given one of each.  Their challenge is to write a paragraph using the random adjective/noun combination.  The paragraph needs to explain the combination.  Why are the mice complicated?  Why was the broccoli foolish?  Some students may need to look the words up in a dictionary before they use them.  Make sure they get a chance to share their creation with the class.

Noun Coloring Page

Color in the nouns on this sheet.  If you can, color each word in a different color.  When your finished write a sentence using two or more of the words. Do this without writing a list!

Extension Activity:

Which noun is the coldest?

Which noun is the softest?

Which noun is the most useful?

Which noun would you most like to take on a holiday?

Which noun is the scariest?

Which noun would you like to hug?

Sorting Nouns

Find the words that are nouns and write each one on a leaf of the tree.

Extension Activity:

Create your own classroom noun tree.  Cut leaves out of green paper or thin card.  Write nouns on each and glue to a tree trunk with branches.  This works on a notice board or large poster and  looks great on the classroom door as well.  If you use thin card the leaves can be curved up to create a three dimensional tree.

Fishing for Nouns

Find the noun fish, color them in and then draw a line to one of the poles.

Extension Activity:

Create a giant wall of noun fish swimming in the ocean.  Draw a simple fish outline and copy enough for the class.  Let each student color their own fish and then glue a noun on to the body of their fish.  The students can write these on rectangles of white paper.  

The fish are then glued onto a blue background. Add some bubbles (circles of white paper), some seaweed (strips of green paper - pointed at the top) and a sandy floor (yellow paper strip with a curvy top edge).


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