6 Great Noun Games for Kids

Playing Noun Games with Kids is a fun way to introduce and explore nouns.  

Here are 6 great noun games and activiites that can be played straight away.

1.  Person, Place or Thing - Students play this game in a circle or sitting at their desk.  The first student must name a person, the second student must name a place, the third student must name a thing, the fourth student must name a person and so on following this pattern.  This is a great way to emphasize that a noun is a person, place or thing.  After going around the class a couple of times, challenge the class to race the clock.  Can everyone have a turn before 5 minutes is up?                                                                            

2.  Noun Race - Line the students up in two rows.  Each row needs a teacher or student to check for answers.  Each student must name a noun starting with a letter of the alphabet (following the order of the alphabet) and then go to the back of the line.  The row that gets through all the students first wins.  

3.  Jane is a Fish - Write a list of animals and/or characters.  Work your way down the list and through your class.  Start by saying to the first student Jane (or whatever their name is) is a fish.  The student then responds with a noun that is related.  For example scales, fins, water.  Once the students get the hang of it they can give two or three nouns.  When they are ready challenge them to name a person, place and thing.  For example, Nemo, Pacific Ocean and gills.                                                                                                                         

4.  Eye Spy With My Little Eye - This classic game is great for exploring nouns in the classroom.  Eye spy a chair, table, board, door, student, teacher, pencil, window etc.  If you want to take the game further - write the nouns on the board as you go but mix up the letters.  When you have finished the game see if your students can  unscramble the letters and write the words in their exercise book.                                                                                       

5.  Eye Spy With My Little Eye With a Twist - Students need to look around the room and then write their own words in response to your prompts.  I spy with my little eye something big, small, scary, wet, cold, warm, furry, tattered, smooth and so on.   Their is no right answer to the prompts. The aim is to get the students exploring the range of things around them.                                                                        

6. Noun Q and A - At the front of the class have 2 groups of 3 students.  Ask the students simple "what am I?" questions.  For example I am round and fun to play with in the park.  What am I? ( a ball)  Ask each student a question and the team with the most points is the winner. Two questions for each student is a quick game that will leave time for other students to have a turn.  The questions can be as simple or as hard as you want.

Here are some ideas:

What is green and falls to the ground? (a leaf)                                                

What is soft and fluffy and found on a bed? (a pillow)                                      

What is long and thin and found on a shoe? (shoelace)  

Do you want more noun game ideas?

If you want more noun game ideas, ask your students to create variations of the games that you have already played or create some noun games of their own. Can they think of a different way of playing the Q and A game?  Can they come up with some questions of their own? Can they create a board game?  Can they create a ball game that includes nouns?

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