Find noun exercises for your next noun lesson plans.

Link to noun worksheets, posters and lists.

Try The following noun exercises. Use them for a noun lesson on their own or use them with any noun worksheet.


Write groups of four or five nouns on the board. You can use any nouns from any list or worksheet.

a) Ask your students to write a paragraph for each group. It must include all the nouns.

b) For an even bigger challenge, ask your students to create a story that includes all the nouns written on the board or found in a worksheet.
The challenge is to use them logically and without placing them in a long list.


0n a blank piece of paper, students write a noun, leaving some space around it. They then draw 5 lines around the word in a star shape. Students then write 5 nouns that relate to the noun at the center (eg fish-fin,eyes,scales,mouth, gills).

This activity works well in small groups. Large sheets of paper and colored markers make it even more fun.


Students write short classified ads for any group of nouns. Each advertisement should include a detailed description of the object, an explanation of its possible uses and a price.
Here is an example. For Sale - a 30 cm (12 inch) long green cucumber with crisp center that can be used in salads or sandwiches. $1.20


Give each student one of the nouns on a worksheet or from any noun list. Students are to write the word in fancy letters. Each noun can then be placed on a classroom word wall.

This works well if you control the size of the words. You can do this by folding an A4 piece of paper into half and then half again to form four long strips. Give each child one of these strips and tell them that the word must fill all of it. Students can write the word in thick rainbow colors, spotty bubble letters or any other way they decide.

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