List of Nouns

Are you looking for a handy list of nouns ? 

Would your students like fun ways to  learn vocabulary and explore English grammar?

Here is a 2000 word list of nouns, a shorter 100 word list, grammar exercises, and activities that can be used as fun spelling and English games for kids. 

List of 2000 Nouns

This is a terrific resource for writing and spelling centers and rotating grammar activities.  Use it when you want your students to explore and learn English vocabulary.

Vocabulary Exercises

1. Find two words that relate to horses.

2. Find something that you have in your bedroom.

3. Find something that is in your backyard.

4. Find something that you can eat.

100 Common Nouns

This list is the perfect size for students to glue into their workbooks. It can also be used as the focus of noun search games and class discussions.  With one of these in their books your students are ready to design their own spelling games.

Vocabulary Game

Ask your students to find the 10 (or more) words that you describe in their list. Give them a few moments to look for the word and then move on.

Here are some descriptions that you can use.

Grows at the end of your finger (nail).      

You eat your cereal out of this (bowl).

You wear these to bed (pajamas).

People often eat these for lunch (sandwich).

This can grow on a man's chin (beard).

You wear these on your feet (socks).

You can fly to the moon in this (rocket).

This is where books are kept (bookcase).

Plants grow in this (soil).

This animal has a long nose (elephant).

100 Random Nouns

This list contains common, proper, concrete and abstract nouns.

Grammar Exercises

1. Challenge your students to find two  of each of the following nouns: abstract, concrete, proper and common nouns.

2.  When we use a noun in front of another noun to describe it that first noun becomes an adjective, it is the describing word.  Let your students have some fun mixing up words.  Ask them to pair up nouns to create things that have never existed and then write a definition for it.

For example: a Dad light (a night light that has your father's face on it), a family roll (a giant bread roll that is big enough for the whole family) or a beetroot rattle (a baby's rattle made out of dried beetroot).

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