You can find printable heart drawings below. Just click on either image to open up its pdf file.

Related Activities

1. Try your own hand at drawing. Using the pictures as a guide fill a page with small and big hearts.

2. Draw a large heart or use one of the ones below and draw increasingly smaller hearts in the center. Color the picture.

3. Fill the pictures with words that relate to romance or love.

4. Make a class display about things that you love. Each person writes something that they love in their heart. For example: I love swimming, I love icecream, I love butterflies. Colour the hearts, cut them out and group them together in a display.

5. Print out several hearts and use each one to write a large letter in. The letters can be used to form a banner or a heading.

6. Turn each heart into a candy version. Write a message in each one and color them in pastels. For fun each student could be given a real candy heart and then copy that. How accurately can they do it?

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