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Halloween Theme Ideas – 20 Fun Halloween Activities For Your Students

1. On a piece of A4 paper draw a gravestone. On the gravestone write the usual details (name, date, cause of death) and an epitaph (a short text honouring a dead person). Examples are: Murdered by a coward and traitor whose name is not worthy to appear here (Jesse James), That's all folks! (Mel Blanc), A gentle man and a gentleman (Jack Dempsey), A genius of comedy his talent brought joy and laughter to all the world (Oliver Hardy).

2. Write 2 reasons why you like Halloween and 2 reasons why you don't.

3. Challenge the class to come up with 20 Halloween related words. Write these on the board. Challenge them to write another 20 on their own in 5 minutes.

4. Imagine your best friend at school is a vampire. Write three things that they do at school that seems a bit odd.

5. What would a witch take to school for lunch. Draw a lunch bag filled with a witch's lunch. Label each item so we know what it is.

6. Unjumble these jumbled words. ACRDAUL (Dracula) HTIWC (witch) CDYNA (candy) SKMA (mask)

7. Draw a green monster with sharp blue claws, red bulging eyes, two yellow horns, large teeth, a long tail, and spikes on its back.

8. Write a sentence describing a zombie. Include 3 adjectives in the sentence.

9. Write a one page story titled, “ A Day In The Life of a Halloween Pumpkin”. Maybe the pumpkin is growing in the garden, or being cut into a lantern or in the rubbish dump days after Halloween. How is it feeling? What is it hoping will happen?

10. Write out a Halloween style alphabet. A is for the apples bobbing in the bucket, C is for the cat that follows the witch, D is for the dark moonless night and so on.

11. Put these Halloween words in alphabetical order: spell, witch, pumpkin, broom, cauldron, ghost, scream, candy, costume, trick, treat, zombie, bat, vampire, coffin, grave, wizard

12. Design a “Lost!” poster for your pet bat. Draw a picture of the bat, write it's name, when it was last seen, where it was last seen and what reward you are offering.

13. Imagine your friends have dared you to go inside a haunted house. Write a paragraph describing what it is like inside.

14. Write three reasons why you might feel sorry for a zombie.

15. Imagine you have been given a pet tarantula spider for a present. Describe how you plan to look after it. Where will you keep it? What will you feed it? What special needs does it have?

16. Design your own Halloween costume. Draw it on an A4 piece of paper and include labels.

17. If you could only have 10 different pieces of candy in your trick or treat bag what 10 types of candy would you choose to have? If you don't know the name of them just write a description.

18. What is your favourite Halloween game? Write a sentence or two explaining why.

19. You find a huge pile of jelly beans in your trick or treat bag. 7 are red, 18 are green, 3 are yellow, 20 are white, 10 are black, and 23 are pink. How many do you have all together?

20. Imagine you bump into a real werewolf on Halloween night. Write a paragraph describing what happens.

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