Fun Christmas Activities For Kids

Here is a handy collection of 8 fun Christmas activities that can be done in the classroom.

20 Activities

Students draw or trace three circles (big, bigger and biggest) to make a snowman. They can add whatever details they want(hat, face, scarf, coat, boots). These snowmen can be cut out and glued onto a landscape of snowhills (and pine trees) to make a classroom display.

Draw a large Christmas tree and place it on a wall or notice board. This can be as simple as a green triangle with a brown rectangle trunk. The students decorate it with 100 baubles. Cut out 100 circles. Write the numbers 1 to 100 clearly in the center of each one. Divide them up so that each students gets three or four to decorate. Glitter and sequins glued on at the end looks great. The baubles are glued onto the tree in numerical order.

Make a classroom Christmas recipe book. Each student chooses a recipe and writes or types it onto an A4 piece of paper. Family recipes can really add to the value of this activity. The students also add pictures (suitable for black and white photocopies.) The recipes can be reduced to two per A4 page and printed on both sides to form a booklet. Each student could receive a copy. Alternatively, the recipes could be printed on A3 paper and used to make a large classroom recipe book.

Make a cube shaped box. This is an activity that can be done again and again until the students perfect it. Cube boxes can be used as tree decorations (just add loop) or as gift boxes. A fun challenge is to see who can make the smallest box. Students can bring in old cereal boxes for cardboard. Paper that has been painted or colored with pencils can be glued on for decoration.

Hide Christmas things in the classroom for your students to find. These can be real objects or pictures scattered around the room. They could be stuck to the walls, hung on chairs and even hidden under tables. Give the students a list of items to find with a space to write down where it was found. This is a great opportunity to practice positional language (under, behind, on top, near, next to).

Start this activity by getting your students to help compile a list of well-known characters (Cinderella, Spiderman, The Big Bad Wolf). A list of 10 characters is plenty but older students may be able to do more. Ask your student to write down what they think would be a suitable present for Santa to deliver to each of the characters.

Challenge your students to decorate the front of their desk or the back of their chairs for Christmas. This could include paper chains, snowflakes, pictures, hand made decorations and tinsel. This works well if you limit the time available and offer a prize for the best one.

Stick a giant cardboard cut out of a stocking on the classroom wall. Ask your students to think of Christmas related words that can be added to it. The challenge is to see if it can be filled before Christmas. Each day give each students a slip of paper to write a word on. If it is a new Christmas related word it gets glued onto the stocking. As the days go on the collection of words become a handy resource for Christmas writing activities.

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