Full Page Borders

Here are 23 full page borders that are designed to be used in the classroom.  They can be printed in A4 for an endless range of activities, in A5 for a booklet cover and in A3 for group activities, art projects and posters.

At the bottom of the page you will find a list of activity ideas for any of the free page borders.  I have put a pdf version of the ideas just below so that if you want to you can grab them now.  They are a great resource to have on hand when you have an unexpected change of lesson plans.  

Activity Ideas for Free Page Borders

  1. Ask a student to name an animal, ask another to name a place and ask another to name a problem.  Write those three things on the board and ask all the children to write a story around those three elements.  Ask them to write it as a draft first and then put the revised version on the page with a border.
  2. Continue drawing the border.  Ask your students to expand on the drawing.  It could be adding to the picture at the bottom or continuing the border so that it fills the whole of the page.  This is great fun if they can use colours as well.
  3. Make a collection of adjectives, nouns, verbs or words that relate to a subject that the class is exploring.
  4. Write a list of personal things or preferences.  Examples are - My Favourite Toys, My Favourite Places and  My Favourite Things to Eat.
  5. Do a self portrait, or a portrait of a friend or a family member.
  6. Do a portrait of a family pet or an animal that you would like to own.
  7. Draw a squiggle on the page  and then turn it into a picture.  Add a paragraph at the bottom describing the picture.
  8. Fold the paper in half.  On one side write a list of adjectives - this part can be done with the class as a whole.  On the other side of the page write adjectives that are the opposite.

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