Free Teddy Bear Coloring Pages

There are eight free teddy bear coloring pages below.

Where did the teddy bear come from?

The teddy bear was named after the former United States President Theodore  Roosevelt.  His nickname was Teddy and the stuffed toy was first called Teddy's bear.  

In 1902 Teddy was invited to go hunting with Mississippi Governor Andrew Longino.  During the hunting expedition a black bear was caught and tied to a tree.  Roosevelt was given the opportunity to shoot the bear but refused saying that it was unsportsmanlike like.

Clifford Berryman drew a political cartoon of the incident that was published in The Washington Post.

Morris Michtom a toy maker saw the cartoon and was inspired to create a little stuffed bear cub toy.  Michtom sent one of his bears to Roosevelt and asked for permission to call it Teddy's bear. Roosevelt gave permission and the toy became a huge success.

The first teddy bears were made to look like real bears, with extended snouts and black eyes. Over time the features  have evolved.  Today, teddy bears are less realistic with  larger eyes and smaller noses.  

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