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Sep 09, 2017

Cooked Playdough Recipe for Kindergarten

Playdough Recipe

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May 09, 2016

Substitute Teacher Lesson Plans and Resources

Do you need resources that you can print off and use for your next class? These multi-grade booklets will get you started. You can also find lots of useful printables on other pages so have .......

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May 09, 2016

Sunflower Coloring Page

2 sunflower coloring pages and 5 sunflower page activities designed for the classroom

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May 09, 2016

Swimming Coloring Page

Here are five free swimming coloring pages designed for the classroom. There are also activity ideas and links to more free resources.

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May 09, 2016

Tea Party Coloring Pages

5 Tea Party Coloring Pages designed for classroom use

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May 09, 2016

Teaching Adjectives or How to Teach Adjectives in a Nutshell

Teaching Adjectives - how to teach adjectives lesson plans - posters, worksheets, activities, lists

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May 08, 2016

Types of Nouns

Types of nouns poster for the classroom

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May 08, 2016

Valentine Hearts

Two valentine heart printable and six valentine hearts activity ideas.

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Apr 10, 2016

Random Nouns

A handy printable 100 word list of random nouns for classroom use.

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Mar 08, 2016

Free Easter Coloring Pages

Free Easter coloring pages - 14 classroom ready Easter coloring pages

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Mar 07, 2016

Easter Games

A list of Easter Games for kids from around the world

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Mar 07, 2016

Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

Two Great Comprehension Worksheets that Explore the Question - Why do we Celebrate Easter?

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Mar 07, 2016

Easter Cards

Easter Cards -

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Mar 07, 2016

Easter Puzzles

Easter Puzzles - two printable classroom ready easter puzzles, rabbit dot to dot and crossword

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Feb 29, 2016

List of Adjectives

List of adjectives - four handy adjective lists designed for classroom use

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Jan 21, 2016

Adjective Worksheets

Adjective Worksheets - nine fun teacher designed adjective worksheets with extension activity exercises.

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Mar 06, 2015

Vampire Coloring Pages

Four vampire coloring pages designed for classroom use

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Mar 06, 2015

What Are Nouns?

Free What are nouns? Classroom Poster and Five Activity Ideas - Nouns are the words we use to name things..........

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Mar 06, 2015

What Are Verbs?

What Are Verbs - Free Poster for the Classroom

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Mar 06, 2015

Witch Coloring Pages

5 Free Witch Coloring Pages and 6 Witch Activity Ideas for the Classroom

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