Free Printable Halloween Decorations for your Classroom

There are 14 printable Halloween decorations that you can use in your classroom below.  They are all designed to be printed in black and white so that your students can decorate them.  You will also find 7 fun  ideas for making the most of them.

7 Ideas for Printable Halloween Decorations for your Classroom

  1. Ghosts                                                                                                   Draw a large ghost on a piece of poster size card. You could also use the picture of a ghost below. This can be as simple as an upside down U shape with googly eyes and a zigzag mouth. If you have a printable version enlarge it to A3 size.  Cut it out and glue several white streamers to the bottom.  Pin your giant ghost on the notice board for the class to see.                                                                                                                                                                             Give each student a smaller version of your ghost printed on white A4 card.  The students cut these out and glue white streamers to the bottom.  Pin the smaller ghosts on the notice board as well.  If there is room it is fun to add a speech balloon with writing to each ghost.

   2. Gravestones

      Cut a gravestone out of cardboard.  Leave a flap at the bottom that can       be folded back. This needs to be about a quarter of the height of the             gravestone.  This will enable the gravestone to stand up. Paint the               gravestone grey. Use a sponge or brush to paint darker grey patches.       Use a sponge or toothbrush to add black speckles. Use a black felt             pen to write a name, date and epitaph.  If possible drape with cobwebs       and add a spider or two.

   3. Borders

     Use repeating pictures or patterns to create borders for noticeboards,        windows and displays.  Print out a copy of the picture you want to use,        for each student in the class.  If possible, print on lightly colored paper       (green, orange, yellow).  This will help the pictures create a unified effect      when they are lined up.  Let your students color the pictures.  If they all     use the same medium the effect will be stronger (crayon, felt pen,               pencil).

   4. Raffia

    String teased out raffia across a wall in the classroom.  Sticky tape cut       out pictures that your students have colored  to the string, creating a           pinched effect at the site of each picture.  The rough texture of Raffia           and the strings that fall down create a great effect.

   5. Dead Tree

   Use a dead tree branch to create a classroom display.  Place a leafless     tree branch in a bucket filled with sand or stones.  This works best if you     use one with several smaller branches on it.  Spray paint it black or let a     small group of students paint it black with brushes.  Use string to hang       pictures and decorations.  Add cobwebs and spiders if possible.

   6. Bats Everywhere!

   Bats fly in large groups.  Let your students paint (or color with crayons)a    whole bunch of bats.  They could do two or three each.  These look great    if you paste them to the wall.  Have them coming through the door, up          and across the wall and then up to the ceiling.  

   7. Paper Lantern

   Make orange paper lanterns with black lanterns to hang on a string              stretched across the classroom.  To make the lantern, fold A4 paper in        half lengthways.  Then cut into the card starting at the fold and ending         1cm before the end of the paper.  Continue making these cuts every 1cm.   Unfold the paper and glue the two short ends together.  Cut a strip of           paper to make a handle and glue this to the top of the lantern.  

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