Free Printable Bird Coloring Pages

You will find eight free printable bird coloring pages below. 

Here are 10 activity ideas that can be used with the bird coloring pages.

1. Ask your students to write one or two paragraphs describing the birds that they have seen in their yard.  Ask them questions to prompt their thinking.  Where have they seen the birds?  How many was there?  What do they look like?  What were they doing? Do you think they live in your yard?  If they don't live in your yard where do you think they live?

2.  Draw a picture of yourself as a bird in tree.   What colour feathers do you have?  What shape is your beak? What type of tree are you in?  Are you alone or with other birds?  Do you like flying?  Are you young or old?  Are your wings big and strong?  What are your feet like? 

3. Write down all the names of birds you can think of.  This can be a quick activity or a longer one if the words are included in a piece of art work.  Use the names of birds to draw a nest - each name is written to form one of the sticks of the nest. Or draw a large egg and fill it with the names of birds.  If there is time students can look for names in books and on the internet.

4. Put these names of birds in alphabetical order : dove, pigeon, chicken, duck, magpie, eagle, kookaburra, swan, peacock, sparrow, crow, owl and penguin. Any list will do and you could ask the student to give you ten ideas.  When they have put them in alphabetical order ask them to write one distinguishing feature about each bird.  For example penguins live on ice, eagles have large wings, swans have long necks and crows are black.

5.Create a giant tree on a notice board-paint it on or use coloured cardboard to create the trunk and leaves.  Students can then create a bird to sit on the tree.  Each student can design their own bird using ideas from photographs or all the students can do the same bird using a photocopied sheet.  The birds can be painted and then given dimension by adding scrunched up pieces of tissue paper or paper feathers cut out of coloured paper.

6. Play a game based on birds and eggs. Take any game that you regularly play with the students and change it so that the elements fit with a bird theme.  For example - What's the time Mr Wolf could become What's the time Mr Owl.  Instead of racing to the wall the aim  could be to grab one of the eggs (scrunched up paper) scattered on the ground before Mr Owl catches you.

7. Make a nest out of glue and sticks or strips of newspaper.  Add some paper mache or eggs and a bird made out of a painted box or paper tube or stuffed paper bag.

8. Research a specific type of bird.  Find out where it lives, how far it travels if it migrates, what it eats, how long it lives, what type of tree or other shelter it lives in, what its predators are, how many young it  commonly has and what special features it has developed for survival.

9. Create a fantasy bird.  Provide a range of coloured cardboard, feathers, felt, googly eyes, ribbon, wire, pipe cleaners, glue and recycled objects like bottles, boxes and cans for the base so that your students can create their own bird.  When this is done ask them to create a poster explaining what sort of bird it is.  The questions they used for the research activity above could be used again.  This time the answers are fantasy.

10. Create a wall of birds.  Ask your students to collect pictures of birds from magazines, advertising, the internet and books.  They can print out the ones from the internet and photocopy the ones from the books.  If it is possible they could also take photos of the birds in the school yard.  All these images can be used to create a large collage.  Information and the students thoughts about each of the images could also be added.

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