Free Alphabet Worksheets

The free alphabet worksheets below are designed to be used by students who are already familiar with the alphabet.  

These are skill building activities that will help them explore letter shape and alphabet order.

At the bottom of each free alphabet worksheet you can find extension activity ideas.

Look for the letters of the alphabet.  When you find one colour it in and then cross it off below.  Happy hunting!

Extension Activity:  Look for letters in the classroom or the playground. If you have time use chalk to write letters on the concrete, walls and playground equipment.  

These children are looking for the letters of the alphabet.  Help them find them.  When you find a letter, color it in and then cross it off below.  Happy searching!

Extension Activity: Write letters on pieces of paper or ask your students to do this.  Hide the letters and then have fun searching for them.  

Extension Activity: Use a wax candle to write letters on paper.  One letter per A4 sheet is fine.  Discover what's been drawn by rubbing crayon over it.

All the letters of the alphabet are being blown around by the wind.  Find the pairs of letters and draw a line to join them together so they don't get lost.

Extension Activity:  Ask your students to draw their own picture and hide letters in it.  You can ask them to swop the finished picure with a friend to try.

Extension Activity:  Ask your students to draw a picture of them self and hide the letters of their name in it.  Students could also draw a picture of their family. 

Match the letters on each side of the path.  Draw a line to join them pairs that you find.

Extension Activity:  Ask students to write the letters of the alphabet two times in a scattered pattern on a blank piece of paper. The finished work can be swapped with another student.

Extension Activity:  Use chalk to write the letters of the alphabet on a brick wall or concrete.  Students can use different colored chalk to draw lines to join the matching pairs.

These fun alphabet letters are all mixed up.  Color them in, cut them out and then glue them in your workbook in the right order.

Extension Activity:  Give each student one block letter of the alphabet on an A4 piece of paper to color in.  These letters can then be put on the classroom wall to create a giant alphabet.  

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