Examples of Nouns

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Nouns are the names we give to things.  They refer to a person, place, thing, event, substance, quality, quantity, or idea.


It's impossible to determine exactly how many nouns there are in the English language. It is an evolving group with new words constantly being added and older words becoming obsolete.

However, the second edition of the 20 volume Oxford English Dictionary does contain 90 488 nouns. This gives us our best idea of how many nouns there are in the English language. That is a huge number especially when we consider that the Oxford publication does not include highly technical or regionally specific words.


The nouns in the following sentences are in bold.  

The boy sat on the chair.

The fish swam in the water.

Leaves are the lateral outgrowth of stems.

All of the rooms and even the corridors were full of people waiting to see the Emperor.

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