Cartoon Cauldron

Here are two cartoon cauldrons that you can print out now and use in your classroom. Underneath them are six activity ideas.

Activity Ideas:

1. What is the witch putting in her cauldron? Write a recipe for her to use.

2. Imagine the witch in the picture below loves her cauldron. It was a present from her mother. What does she do to look after it?

3. How do you think a cauldron is made? What is it made out of? Discuss these questions with other students and then write down your ideas.

4. Cut the shape of a cauldron out of black paper and stick it to a large A3 piece of paper. Draw wood and flames underneath. Make the flames out of red and orange cellophane paper if you have any handy. Draw bubbles, spirals, sparks and fumes coming out of the top of the potion.

5.  Think of 10 words (adjectives) you can use to describe a cauldron. Think of all your senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste.

6.  Imagine the witch in the picture below has a pet that guards her cauldron. It could be a toad, cat or wolf. Describe the pet, tell us what its name is and explain how the pet came to be living with the witch.

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