Camping Coloring Page

Here are ten camping coloring pages and activities that you can print out now and use in your classroom.



 10 Quick Camping Facts

1. Camping in a tent became popular at the beginning of the 20th century.

2. People choose to camp as a way to get close 

 nature or as a form of cheap accommodation.

3. Campers are usually found at national parks, 

caravan parks, sporting events and festivals.

4. Campers usually use mattresses and sleeping 

bags for beds.

5. Campers use lanterns and torches for light at 


6. They cook on open fires and portable stoves.

7. Campers usually pack a first-aid kit for 


8. They store food in coolers (eskys).

9. Ropes are used to tie down tents and hang 

clothes on.

10. Roasted marshmallows is a traditional 

camping treat.


You can find  the 10 quick camping facts in the coloring sheet below.


Camping Theme Questions

1) How many words can you make out of the word camping? (eg. pan, map)

2) Put these words in alphabetical order: camping, sleeping bag, tent, camp

fire, stars, matches, mattress, torch and marshmallow.

3) Write three adjectives (describing words) you could use for 


4) Write a menu for a camping dinner.  Include a drink and desert.

5) List five things you might want to put in a first aid kit if you were going camping.

6) The boys in the picture below are only camping with sleeping bags.  What other things would you like to take with you if you were camping?

7) What sounds might you hear at night if you were camping in a forest?

8) What sounds might you hear at night if you were camping at the beach?

9) Write three reasons why camping is better than staying in a motel.

10) Design your own tent.  Draw a diagram and label three features.

You can find the 10 camping theme questions in the coloring sheet below.









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