Camel Coloring Page

Are you looking for a great camel coloring page?  Here are 6 free camel coloring pages that you can print out now and use in your classroom. 

Riding a Camel Coloring Page

Activity Idea:

Ask your students to close their eyes for a minute and picture themselves riding a camel.  

Then ask them to write down how it feels.  What are they holding in their hands.  What does this feel like? What is it made of?

What does the camel's fur feel like?  What sound do it's hoofs make when it is walking?  

Then ask the class to watch this handy 1 minute video that shows how to ride a camel. 

When they are done have a class discussion about how their ideas have changed.


Simple Camel Coloring Page

Activity idea:

Camels live in the desert. Draw a desert scene in the background and foreground of this picture.

You could draw sand dunes, a sun, a clear sky with birds, scraggly tall trees and cactuses in the background. You could draw stones, cactuses and insects in the foreground.

Licking Camel Coloring Page

Activity idea:

This is a very funny image of a camel licking a man's hair.  In the bottom right hand corner draw a speech balloon and write what the man is saying.

To extend further, write a short story to go with the picture.

Camel Coloring Page

Activity Idea:

Draw lines on this camel picture and then label these parts: nostrils, humps, woolly fur, tail, hooves, hump, ears, knees and eyes.

Sick Rider Camel Coloring

Activity Idea:

What has happened to this man?  Why is he feeling so unwell? Discuss what might have happened to him as a class or in a small group and then write a short story about it.

Look at the symbols above this man's head which tell us that he is feeling unwell. Draw a picture of yourself riding a camel, using these symbols and write a descriptive sentence underneath.

Two Riding on a Camel Coloring Page

These two women look like they are having a wonderful time riding this camel.  Why do you think riding a camel would be fun?  How would it be different from riding a horse?  Which would you prefer to ride and why?

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