Book Coloring Pages

25 fun book coloring pages that you can download now and use in your classroom today.  These are perfect for World Book Day which is on March 3 in 2016.

Book Coloring Pages

I love this picture of an astronaut reading a book in space.  It's fun to use as a writing prompt or to print in A3 to use as a classroom poster.

A coloring page of a collection of books to use when discussing what books we like to read.  Use it to head a notice board full of book titles that your students like to read or class book reports.

A fun page to color in and use as a writing prompt.  Students can discuss what the girls might be talking about and then write down a dialogue.

Lots that you can do with this one but I particularly like the idea of using it in a classroom display with a speech balloon ( World Book Day is March the third!  I love reading books!  What is your favourite book?)

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