Ballet Coloring Pages

Here are three ballet coloring pages designed for use in the classroom.  Underneath each coloring page you will find activity ideas.

Elephant Ballet Coloring Page

Activity Ideas:

Color in this beautiful elephant ballerina. Create three ballet steps for her and show them to the class or a friend. What sort of music do you think she is dancing to?

Draw other animals dancing ballet.  How about a ballerina dog or cat.  Maybe you could draw dancing insects.  How about a ballet dancing ant or ladybug.  What about about a ballerina caterpillar?  She would need lots of ballet slippers.

Ballet Girl Coloring Page

Activity Idea:

Write down 10 words that are related to ballerinas.  Think about the clothes and shoes they wear.  Think about the music they dance to and the places that they dance in.


Ballerina Ladies Coloring Page

Activity idea:

Draw swirly lines on a plain piece of paper that are like the steps a ballerina might make. If you draw on white paper you could use paint, pencil, felt pens or crayons.  If you draw on black paper you could use chalk or oil pastels.


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