Baby Farm Animal Pictures

Here are six baby farm animal pictures designed for use in the classroom.  Underneath each picture are activity ideas.

Cow and Calf Farm Animal Picture

Activity idea:

Draw a speech balloon above the larger cow and write in what she is saying.  Draw a horizontal line across the middle of this picture.  Color the top half blue (add some clouds and a sun at the top if you want).  Color in the bottom half green (draw in some juicy blades of grass).

Baby Chick Farm Animal Picture

Activity ideas:

1. This baby chick looks very happy sitting in his egg.  Can you decorate it for him?  You could add spots, stripes, flowers, swirly lines, zig zags or other patterns.

2. Use this picture as a prompt for a story.  Who is this chick?  Why is he so happy?  Where is his mother?  What happens to him next?  Where will he live?  Does he have brothers and sisters? What are they like?

Baby Chick Farm Animal Picture

Happy Pig Farm Animal Picture

Activity idea:

Imagine that this is one of the three little pigs. 

Which pig is he? 

What house did he build? 

Imagine he invites you to his house to visit? 

What does he say to you? 

Does he offer you something to eat?  What is it? 

What is his house like inside? 

Name three things you can see inside his house? 

What is one thing you can see that  you expected to see in there? 

What is one thing that you can see that you didn't expect to? 

What is this pigs real name?  What is his nick-name?

Baby Lamb Farm Animal Picture

Activity idea: This sheep looks lonely.  Draw yourself in the picture.  You could be sitting behind him.  In front of the sheep, draw lots of flowers growing.

Color the sky blue and grass around the flowers green.

Cow and Lines Farm Animal Picture 

Activity idea:

Use the lines under the cow to write one of the following:

1. three facts about cows

2. a poem about a cow

3. a description of this cow using lots of adjectives

4. a list of words relating to cows (if you draw a line down the middle you could write nouns on one side and adjectives on the other).

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