Autumn Leaves Coloring Pages

Here are Five Autumn Leaves Coloring Pages. Underneath some of the pages are activity ideas.

Kicking Autumn Leaves Coloring Page

Activity Ideas:

1. Color in this picture.  Write the names of different trees all around this girl.  You could write maple, cedar, black bean, pine, apple, macadamia, jacaranda, maple, oak, birch, dog wood and eucalyptus.  What other types of trees are there?

2. Color in the leaves.  They could be done in the autumn colors of brown, red and black, all the colors of the rainbow or the colors of your favourite team.  When you have done the leaves, color in the girl's dress, shoes and hair in the same color theme.

3. At the top of the picture draw in the bottom edge of a tree so that it looks like the girl is standing under it.  Then draw in more leaves coming down from the tree.  These leaves are easy to draw if you sketch in an oval shape first and then take 6 bites out of it, two at the top, two in the middle and then two at the bottom.  Practice drawing the leaves on another piece of paper first.

Girl Buried in Autumn Leaves Coloring Page

Playing with Autumn Leaves Coloring Page

Kicking Autumn Leaves Coloring Page

Activity idea:

Discuss with the class then write down your own ideas to the following questions.

These two people look like they are walking with purpose? 

What do you think they are doing?

How do you think they are feeling?

Why are they dressed the way they are? 

Autumn Leaves Pile Coloring Page

Activity ideas:

1. Draw a picture of yourself standing in the leaves with a friend.

Look around you - where are you? 

What is the weather like? 

What do the leaves feel like? 

What happens next? 

2. Write a short story about what happened the day you and your friend were standing in a pile of leaves?

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