Arrow Pictures

Here are five arrow pictures designed for use in the classroom.  Underneath each arrow picture you will find activity ideas.


Dotted Line Arrow Picture

Activity idea:

Ask students to draw over the dotted line with dark crayon, paint or markers. Tape arrows around the playground for the children to follow.  These could be taped to walls, playground equipment and concrete.

The arrows could also be printed on thin card and taped to sticks which could be stuck into the ground.

Bold Line Arrow Picture

Activity Idea:

Print out 10 arrows and write the numbers 1 through to 10 on them.

If your students are exploring counting you can use these numbered arrows to create a numbered path for them to follow.

Triple Line Arrow Picture

Activity Idea:

This arrow is a great one to use for all sorts of games. There is plenty of room inside the arrow to write words or sentences.  The double outline also looks great coloured in.  

Your students can use this arrow to write sentences about objects in the classroom or as part of a noticeboard display.

Snow Covered Arrow Picture

Activity Idea:

Use this arrow for a Christmas decoration.  Students can write inside the arrow, "This way Santa", North Pole, or "Please Drop Presents Here".

Jagged End Arrow Picture

Activity Idea:

Print out an arrow on A3 paper or thin card.  Use it to play a game outside.  The  leader holds the arrow in front of the class and the class must follow its directions.  If the arrow is pointing to the sky, the students must raise both arms up high, if it is pointing left (or right) they must bend their bodies left (or right).  If the arrow is pointing to the ground the students must bend their knees and touch the ground.  

Start the game by calling out the directions and then when the students get the hang of it you can ask them to play the game without anyone making a sound.

To add another level to the game you can turn the arrow so the students can't see it.  When this happens they must put there hand (sideways) up to their eye and "look" for the arrow.  Get them to bend their body and move left to right while they look.


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