Apple Coloring Pages

Here are four free apple coloring pages for  you to use in your classroom.  Underneath each page there are activity ideas.  


Mixed Apple Coloring Page

Activity ideas:

Discuss these ideas with the whole class.

Apples are common in our lives.  

1. Can you think of places that you see apples? (Lunch boxes. fridges, fruit bowls, picnic baskets, fruit and vegetable stores, country roadside stalls, apple trees, grocery stores)

2. Can you think of ways that we eat apples?  (whole apples, quartered apples, sliced apples, dried apple, apple leather, apple pies, apple turnovers, apple sauce)

3. There are all different types of apples.  What kinds can you think of?  (Fuji, Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Jonathan, Gala)

Half an Apple Coloring Page

Activity idea:

Color in the picture above.

Cut apples in half, dip them in paint and use them to make prints.  Cut apples in quarters, dip them in paint and use them to make prints.

The picture above and the stampings can be used to explore the concepts of a half and a quarter.

Apple Coloring and Writing Page

Activity ideas:

Write down everything you know about apples.

Write a simple five line poem about apples.

Write two sentences that have the word apple in it.

Vintage Apple Coloring Page

Activity idea:

Discuss, brainstorm or mind map the following possibilities -

What is happening in this picture?

What was happening an hour before?

What happens an hour after?

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