Alligator Facts

Here are fifteen alligator facts in a pdf that you can download now and use in your classroom.

  1. There are two types of alligators - the American alligator and the Chinese alligator.
  2.  The word alligator comes from the Spanish word for lizard - el laggard.
  3.  An average American alligator is 4 metres or 13 feet long.
  4.  An average Chinese alligator is 2 metres or 7 feet long.
  5.  Alligators live in fresh water - rivers, swamps, ponds and wetlands.
  6.  Alligators have heavy bodies and move slowly but they can also have short bursts of speed when hunting.
  7.  Alligators kill small prey by swallowing them in one bite.
  8.  They kill large prey by dragging them into the water.
  9. Alligators eat fish, snails, worms, birds and mammals.
  10. Alligators reproduce by laying eggs in a nest of leaves during Summer.
  11. Alligators live for approximately 50 years.
  12. There are only about 130 Chinese Alligators left in the wild.
  13. Alligators have a wide round snout and are black in color.
  14. All of an alligator’s top teeth can be seen when its mouth is closed.
  15. Alligators were around 200 million years ago, long before dinosaurs were.

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