Alligator Coloring Pages

Here are five free alligator coloring pages that are designed to be used in the classroom.  Beneath each page are activity ideas.


Smiling Alligator Coloring Page

Activity Idea:

Discuss the following questions with the whole class. This alligator looks friendly.  Are alligators friendly?   Could you have one as a pet?  What would it eat? Where would it sleep?  Would it want to live in someone's house?  Where do they live?

Escaping the Alligator Coloring Page

Activity Idea:

There is a lot happening in this picture!  Write a short story to go with this.  How did these two people get in this situation?  Why are they climbing down the cliff?  Why are people shooting at them? Why is the bear chasing them?

Draw in one more danger.  Maybe there is something else in the water.  Maybe there is another danger coming from the sky?

Write down a solution to their problem.  How do they get out of this situation.  What can they do to get back home safely?  

Alligator on a Leash Coloring Page

Activity idea:

Discuss the following questions with the class or in small groups.

Why do you think this man has an alligator on a leash?   What is he going to do with it?  Who looks stronger the Alligator or the man? What happens if the man lets go of the leash.

Alligator and Bird Coloring Page

Activity Idea:

What are these two animals saying to each other?  The bird looks happy.  Should he be worried?  Write what you think they are saying  in the speech balloons.

Add a third character to this picture and put in a speech balloon for them as well.  It could be an ant on the ground in front or a bird in the sky in the background.  Maybe it is the bird's mother.  What would she be saying?

Happy Alligator Coloring Page

Activity Ideas:

1.This alligator looks very happy.  Write a paragraph explaining why he is happy.  Maybe it is his birthday and he is going to a party held by his friends.  Maybe he is thinking about his birthday cake and all  his presents.

2. What makes your really happy?  Write down three things that would make you as happy as this alligator.

3. This alligator is wearing shoes.  Do alligators really wear shoes?  Why do you wear shoes?  What sort of shoes are you wearing now?  There are all different types of shoes.  Write down five different types of shoes and explain what they are for.  For example school shoes are for school, slippers are for wearing around the house and thongs are for wearing at the beach.

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