Alien Coloring Pages

Here are five alien coloring pages designed for the classroom.  Beneath each page you will find activity ideas.


Three Eyed Alien

Activity Idea:

Discuss these questions as a class or small group.

This is a three eyed alien.  He looks very friendly.  What is his name? Why did he come to Earth?

Imagine you are the first person this alien meets. What would you say?  What would you do?  What food would you offer him? Where would you take him?

Unfriendly Alien

Activity idea:

This is an alien scientist that has come from a far away planet to study humans.

He doesn't look very friendly.  Write a short story about what he does when he comes to visit.  Make it a short visit that lasts only one or two days.  Who does he meet?  What does he take back with him?  What does he think of earth?  Is he coming back?

Silly Face Alien

Activity idea:

Color in the picture and discuss as a class or in small groups the following ideas.

This alien is making a very silly face.

What silly faces can you make?

See if you can come up with three different silly faces and then draw them.

Your drawings can be simple.  They just need to show the changes.  Are your eyes open or closed?  What is your mouth doing?  Where is your tongue?  Is your nose wrinkled?

When we change our face we express different emotions.  All humans use the same facial expressions. 

What do we look like when we are worried?

What do we look like when we are sad?

What do we look like when we are happy?

What do we look like when we are surprised?

Can you draw an alien that is worried, sad or surprised?

Big Teeth Alien

Activity ideas:

1. What planet do you think this alien comes from?  

Draw a picture of his or her planet.  

2. Imagine you have flown a spaceship to his or her planet.  Write a short story about what happens.  Think about what happens when you land there?  Are the Aliens friendly?  Where do they take you on their planet?  What animals do you see there?  Are there birds in the sky? Is there a sun and a moon?  Do they have trees?  Do they have insects?

Googley Eyed Alien

Activity idea:

Color in this picture and while you are doing this - discuss the following questions as a class or a small group.  

This Alien is looking for puppies to take back home.  She wants to breed them on her planet so that her people can have dogs as pets as well.  What advice would you give her about looking after dogs?

Which types of dogs do you think she should breed?  

Is it O.K for her to take puppies to another planet?

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