Adjective Worksheets and Activities

Here are four fun adjective worksheets and activities.  These are designed to be used when you are introducing or revisiting this concept.  There are also activity ideas and links to more adjective resources below.

Farming Descriptions

Color the picture of the farmer and then write two adjectives to describe each of the following things: clouds, house, farmer, sky, vegetables, soil, windmill, overalls, hat, shoes, gloves.

Imagine that these crows are going to attack the farmer and try to eat some of his crop. Write a paragraph (3-4 sentences) explaining what happens. Make sure you use plenty of adjectives
so that your writing is interesting.

Puppy Trail

Adjectives are words we use to describe things. Help this puppy find the way to his delicious bone below.  You can do this by coloring in the stepping stones with adjectives on them.

Activity Idea

Take 20 or more pieces of A4 paper and write an adjective on each one in large letters.  Take another 10 or more pieces of A4 paper and write a noun on each one in large letters.  Tape these to the ground in a random pattern.  Students have to get from the start to the finish stepping only on adjectives.  You could use different colored paper for the start and finish. 

A simpler version is to do 4 or 5 rows and challenge students to get from one side to the next without stepping on a noun.

Two Examples

Write two adjectives that you could use to describe each picture.

Activity Ideas

1. Write two activities you can use to describe the chair your sitting on, your hair, you shoes, your lunch, your fingernail, your teeth and your feet.

2. Draw a picture of a monster standing on a big rock.  Fill the rock with words you can use to describe the monster.

Arty Letters

Color in these words. The letter designs are inspired by the meaning of the word

Activity Idea

Make some of your own creations.  What sort of letters could you use when you  write rainy, feathery, speckled, fluffy, grubby or grassy?

You could take this idea further and turn one word into a 3D piece of art work.  Use cotton balls for cloudy, sandpaper for rough or dirt for dirty. Challenge your students to come up with their own ideas.

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