Fun Adjective Worksheets to help your Students Explore and Confidently Use Adjectives 

Here are six free adjective worksheets that you can print out now and use in your classroom.  Underneath the adjective worksheets are activity ideas.

The Farmer, the Crows and Adjectives Worksheet

1. Color in the picture of the farmer and then write down two adjectives to describe each of the following things.  You can find some adjective ideas hidden in the picture: clouds, house, farmer, sky, vegetables, soil, windmill, overalls, hat, shoes, gloves.

2. Imagine that these crows are going to attack the farmer and try to eat some of his crop.  Write a paragraph (3-4 sentences) explaining what happens. Make sure that you use plenty of adjectives os that your writing is interesting.

Extension activity idea:

Draw your own picture of a farmer tending his crop.  Include animals that might be trying to eat his crop, like rabbits or chickens. Write a sentence describing what is happening at the bottom of the picture. Make sure you use adjectives in this sentence.

The Puppy Needs a Bone Adjective Maze Worksheet

Adjectives are words we use to describe things.  Help this puppy find the way to his delicious bone below.  

You can do this by coloring in the stepping stones with adjectives on them: biscuits, fur, shaggy, beautiful, divine, ears, blanket, adorable, coat, unique,  juicy, nails, fluffy, lively, water, miniature, floppy, nose, gorgeous, licking, bubbles, luscious, tasty, delectable, yummy, jumping, meat, darling, paws, tail, fleas, wagging, shampoo, beautiful, bowl, worms, milk, towel, bath.

Now use some of the adjectives that were on the pebbles to write a sentence about what happens when the puppy gets the bones!  You should be able to describe the puppy and the bones.

Extension activity idea:

Draw an animal that you would like to have as a pet ( cat, rabbit, turtle, lizard, snake, guinea pig).  How many words can you think of to describe your pet.  Thinking of our five senses will help you come up with ideas.

Think of Two Adjectives Worksheet

Write two adjectives that you could use to describe each person or thing below.

Activity extension idea:

Ask your students to suggest nouns.  When they do, write them on the board.  When you have five to ten nouns ask your students to think of two adjectives that could be used to describe each one of them. This could simply be a classroom discussion or you could ask your students to write their ideas in a workbook.

Adjectives with Attitude
Colouring Page

Colour in these words. The letter designs are inspired by the meaning of the word: wavy, melted, funny, shiny, crooked, wet, wooden, rusty, dripping, fuzzy, lighted, hairy, rocky, frosty, spotty.

Extension activity idea:

Create an adjective classroom display.  Color in  large versions of the adjectives  above.  You can find them printed on A4 paper here.

Here are two examples.

Adjective Match-up Worksheet

Ask your students to match up the adjectives with the nouns by drawing lines to join pairs of words: orange, meal, black, dog, healthy, turtle, slow, letter, perfumed, bird, short, beach, sandy, car, metallic, shirt, striped, frog, young, dress.   They can also color in the word pairs so that they are the same color.

There are no right answers to this which will mean that your students will come up with different answers.  One student may join orange with turtle and another with letter.  

Extension activity idea:

Give your students two rectangles of paper.  Ask them to write a noun on one piece and an adjective on the other.  Collect the rectangles in two piles (adjectives and nouns).  Randomly, hand out one of each to your students and then ask them to use these in a sentence.

The Boy with a Dragon
Adjective Worksheet

Write adjectives that could be used to describe the child and adjectives that could be used to describe the dragon.

Extension activity idea:

Use any coloring page picture and ask your students to fill in the blank spaces with adjectives to describe it.  Any of the coloring pages on this site would work. There are plenty under the themes heading on the left.

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