Adjective Order

When more than one adjective is used to describe something, all the adjectives need to be placed in the correct order. This is the correct order for adjectives: number, opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material, and purpose.

Below is a free adjective order poster and two fun worksheets. They are designed to be used when introducing this concept.  There are also activity ideas and links to more adjective resources below.

With these resources you can introduce the concept of adjective order.  The poster makes a handy resource for the classroom or a writing area.

Students can use the adjective order worksheets to explore the concept more deeply.  They can cut out the adjectives and then place some of them in the correct order in a sentence of their own.

To explore adjective order even further ask your students to find sentences in books to see how other authors implement this idea.  It is fun to take some of these sentences and write them on the board with the order jumbled to see if your students can correct the mistake.

1. Adjective Order Poster Activity Idea

On this poster there are two examples for each adjective type.  Students could think of two more and write them down.  Ask them to select a noun for each.  

For example, seven melted candles, small thoughtful sister, enormous grey elephant, hungry school age child, round ham sandwich, soft purple velvet, old French perfume, orange paper tiger and new computer desk.

Adjective Order Worksheet

These sentences have been written in the wrong order.  Your students can cut them out, put them in the right order and then glue them into their workbooks.

Students could then write a sentence with two or three adjectives on a strip of paper.  Cut the sentence into individual words and then let another student reconstruct it.  The reformed sentence could be glued into a workbook.

Adjective Order Coloring Sheet

Your students can follow the key on this worksheet and color all the adjectives their correct color.

 If you have magazines and newspapers available students could spend a few minutes collecting more adjectives.  These printed examples could be glued onto one page in their workbooks or used in a single class collection poster. If there is time they can create a chart and group the adjectives into their types.

To extend this activity further, ask your students to write adjectives on small pieces of paper.  Each student could write 2 or 3.  The pieces of paper are collected and placed in a container.  These are then handed out randomly.  Student must try to use the words they are given in a sentence in the correct order.

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