Adjective Order

The correct order adjective order is number, opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material and purpose.

Below, there is an adjective order poster, worksheet and coloring page that you can print out now and use in your classroom.  You will also find adjective order activity ideas.

Adjective Order Poster

When more than one adjective is used to describe something, all the adjectives need to be placed in the correct order.

Ask your students to write adjectives on small pieces of paper.  Each student could write 2 or 3.  The pieces of paper are collected and placed in a container.  These are then handed out randomly.  Student must try to use the words they are given in a sentence in the correct order.

Adjective Order Cut and Paste

Cut out the words from the sentences and glue them into your work book in the correct order.

Draw a column on the board for each adjective order type.  Ask each student to suggest an adjective.  With the classes help place each adjective in the correct column.


Adjective Order Coloring Sheet

Follow the key on this order of adjectives worksheet and color all the adjectives their correct color.

Ask your students to write a sentence with two or three adjectives on a strip of paper and then cut the sentence into individual words.   Students then swop their sentence with another student.  Each student must then reconstruct the sentence they are given and glue it into their workbook.


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