Nine Fun Adjective Activities that will get your Students Thinking and Exploring

Here are nine fun adjective activities for kids that you can download now and use in your classroom.  Underneath each one, you will find activity ideas.

Adjective Person, Fairy, King, Queen or Super Hero Cut and Paste Activity

Here is an adjective person activity that can be cut out and pasted together to create any adjective character.  Students can write their own adjectives on the lines.

Add glitter and wings to create a fairy.  Add a crown to create a king or queen.  Add a cape to create a super hero.

Positive Adjective Bracelets for Students to Wear and Share

Magnificent, stupendous, wondrous, fantastic, astonishing, fabulous, amazing, divine, outstanding, admirable, astounding, awe-inspiring, fine, incredible, excellent, marvelous, awesome, phenomenal, pleasant, remarkable and brilliant.

Here are four adjective bracelets.  They look great if printed on pastel colored paper.  Cut them out, color them in and then use sticky tape to attach them.

Give your students strips of lightly coloured paper and ask them to design their own adjective bracelets for a favourite character, friend or family member.

This Fun Giant Eye Adjective Activity will Get Your Students Thinking of their own Adjectives 

Get your students to color in this huge eye while they think of adjectives that could be used to describe a giant.  How about humongous, thundering and bone-rattling to get them started.

To extend on this, ask your students to draw a page with buzzing flies, wriggling worms or a school of fish.  Ask them to add adjectives that could be used to describe their picture or write a sentence describing the picture below.

These Adjective Strips can be Used for a Range of Adjective Games and Activities 

These adjective strip printables contain the words fantastic, amazing, rough, soapy, knobbly, invisible, fashionable, slippery, leathery, professional, rusty, boiling, frozen, friendly, ancient, new-born, thirsty, well-fed, frightened, plastic, feathery, purple, rotten, wicked, washed, scared, glistening, moldy, rocky, warty, forked, sugared, wooden, poor, soaked, rich, frosted, beautiful, copper, handsome,  glassy, white, fresh, good, dirty, brave, pale, clean, smooth, swollen, thorny, vinegary, grassy, wealthy, dry, polite, painted, talented, gold and sporty.

Cut out the strips and then put them in a container.  Each student can pull one out and write a sentence using it or one student can pull out 3 or 4 and write them on the board and then all the students can use them in sentences.

Extension idea:

Give each student two or more and ask them to color them in.  Paste their finished work onto a poster display about adjectives.  

Arrange the words to form the petals on flowers.  Cut the ends of the rectangles so that they are rounded and pointed at one end and then glue them around a circle.  Add a stem and leaves.

Random Adjective and Noun Strips Activity for Sentence Writing and Matching Games

This sheet has adjectives on the left and nouns on the right: green, puppy, magic, cake, white, dragon, tall, fish, quick, princess, stinky, vampire, old, marbles, icy, tree, speckled, swamp, silvery and lemonade.

Students can cut out the rectangles and use pairs to make their own sentences.  For example, "The man put the old marbles in his pocket."

Cut out the nouns and adjectives and put them in two containers. Let your students choose two without looking. They can glue their selections in their workbook and then write a sentence using them. Older students could write a short story based on the two words they get.  For a class of 25 to 30  students you will need to print out three copies.  

Large Adjectives For Games, Art and Activities

Use these giant A4 or A3 sized adjectives to simply color in, make a classroom display, as writing prompts or to play games: wet, hairy, frosty, wavy, rusty, rocky, fuzzy, melted, shiny, dripping, lighted, crooked, wooden, spotty and funny.

Print out anyone of the giant adjectives and post it to a notice board. Ask students to write down adjectives that have a similar meaning and paste them around it.

Explore Quantity Adjectives with this Coloring Activity

These are adjectives that can be used to describe quantity: several, single, copious, lone, singular, few, bountiful, handful, various, sundry, unique, some, untold, sprinkling, countless, scant, numerous, scarce, considerable, multitudinal, indefinite, many and smattering.

Color the words that can be used to describe a small amount of something in blue and then color the words that can be used to describe a large amount of something in red.

Explore Taste Adjectives with this Coloring Activity

These adjectives can be used to describe taste: sweet, peppery, savory, sour, bitter, rotten, gingery, briny, dull, tart, vinegary, mild, salty, stale, strong, raw, milky, tasteless, creamy, yummy, syrupy, spicy, burnt, rancid, acidic, fresh, zesty and fiery.

Color in the picture and the adjectives on this page.

Make collections of the other senses: smell, sight, touch and sound.

Explore Touch Adjectives with this Coloring Activity

These adjectives can be used to describe things that we touch: gooey, clammy, gritty, dusty, fluffy, hot, wet, slushy, oily, cold, gummy, prickly, wooden, spongy, smooth, floppy, knotty, wiry, shaggy, bumpy, sharp, rough, elastic, waxy, soft, dry, sticky, greasy, spiky, squishy and slippery.  

Color in the picture and all the adjectives on this page.  

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