Abstract Nouns

Abstract nouns refer to a state quality or feeling. They cannot be perceived by any of the five senses.  

Here are five worksheets and printable designed to be used when you are introducing or exploring this concept.

 Underneath each worksheet are activity ideas.


What are abstract nouns? Poster.

Circle the Abstract Nouns in the Picture Worksheet

This printable worksheet has the following tasks.  Can you find the answers?

1. Circle the abstract nouns hidden in the ship.  Watch out - there are concrete nouns hidden in there as well.

2. Choose one of the abstract nouns and use it in a sentence.

3. Unscramble the abstract nouns.

4. Write the opposite for each abstract noun.

5. Finish these sentences.

Color in the Abstract Nouns

Use this fun coloring worksheet activity with your students.

Give them time to slow down and explore these abstract noun examples - dream, freedom, happiness, rules, holiday, escape, memory, idea and work.

Print it out in A3 size for a handy writing area poster or resource.

Alphabetical Order Abstract Nouns Worksheet

Need more practice?

Cut out the abstract noun examples in the worksheet and glue them in alphabetical order ( a-z) in your workbook.

 Remember to leave two lines between each word.  Write out the meaning of each word underneath.  Use a dictionary if you need to.

Print in A3 for a handy abstract noun list for your classroom.

Color the Abstract Nouns Below

Try the following exercise 

Identify the abstract nouns in this worksheet and color  them in.

Use some in sentences.

Think of more examples.

Check out these other abstract noun resources.

Abstract Noun Lists
Three fun handy abstract noun lists.

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