Abstract Nouns Worksheets   

Here are four abstract nouns worksheets that are designed to be used when you are introducing or exploring abstract nouns. Underneath each worksheet there are extension activity ideas that you can use to expand the lesson as a whole or give to students that finish early.

Fun Abstract Nouns Hidden in a Picture Activity 

An abstract noun is anything that you can't see, touch, taste, hear or smell.   Abstract nouns refer to a state, quality or idea.  Things like fairness, justice, cruelty and beauty are abstract nouns.

1. Circle the abstract nouns hidden in the ship.

2. Choose one of the abstract nouns and use it in a sentence below.

3. Unscramble the abstract nouns - edspe, emard, rafe, rphneidisf 

4. Write the opposite for each abstract noun - hungry, love, beautiful, kind

5. Finish these sentences:

She doesn't like following the ------

You can find useful ----- on the internet

Do you have any -------- for your next holiday?

I'll meet you at 3:00.  Don't be -------.

Exercise ideas:

1. Write some scrambled abstract nouns on the board. If after awhile, your students find them too difficult, write the first two letters of the word underneath.  Keep adding letters as time passes.

2. Use any coloring page and ask your student to write abstract nouns in the picture that relate to it.  Practice doing this activity on the board with your students before they work on their own.

Explore Abstract Nouns with this Coloring Page

This worksheet has the following abstract nouns- dream, freedom, worry, happiness, rules, holiday, escape, memory, idea and work.

Coloring them in gives your students time to slow down and think about the meaning of the words.  

You can also print it out in A3 size for a handy writing area poster or resource.

Exercise idea:

If you want to extend on this, ask your students to choose one of the words and create a poster.  The poster could include the word, a description of its meaning and the comment that this is an abstract noun.

This activity works well as a small group activity - 2 or 3 students can work together to create a poster.  There are 10 words on the sheet so this would work for a class or 30 or less students.

Abstract Nouns Cut and Paste and Alphabet Order Activity

This worksheet has the following abstract nouns - joy, grace, shame, anger, beauty, trouble, manners, jealousy and confusion.

Exercise Idea:

1. Cut out the words in the worksheet and glue them in alphabetical order ( a-z) in your workbook.

2. Cut out the words and glue them in your workbook leaving two lines between each word.  Write out the meaning of each word underneath.  Use a dictionary if you need to.

3. Cut out the words and give one to each student. Taking turns the students must stand up and explain their meaning. This works well as an introductory activity to the worksheet.

Quick Practice Identify and Use Abstract Nouns Worksheet

Abstract Nouns Worksheet:

Color in the speech balloons with abstract nouns: friendship, sadness, ribbon, fish, law, kindness, hat, face, joy, door, anger, rules, agreement, thought and picture.

Use these abstract nouns in a sentence: freedom and rules.

Write four of your own abstract nouns.

Exercise Ideas:

1. Ask your students to open any book (fiction works best) and find one or more abstract nouns in it.

2. Ask your students to scatter 10 concrete nouns and 10 abstract nouns across an A4 piece of paper. Ideas can be written on the board.  When they are finished students swop their page with someone else. Each student then circles the abstract nouns on the page they have. 

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