Abstract Nouns List - Here are three designed to be used in the classroom. Underneath each list their are exercise ideas that you can use to explore abstract nouns more deeply.

Abstract Nouns List
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fear, pain, speed, happiness, joy, wealth, beauty, law, rules, tenderness, fragility, love, friendship, pride, dream, fantasy, plan, goal, information, progress, council, ease, enchantment, membership, chance, democracy, reverence

Abstract Nouns List 1 Exercise Ideas:

1. Play with the words

Let your students play around with the words on the list by talking about the word meanings, acting out the words, creating sentences and grouping the words into categories.  

A simple grouping activity idea is to divide a piece of paper into 3 and write the headings -  positive, negative and neither. This is an open ended activity that will spark discussion.  Is pride positive or negative? Is chance positive or negative? Thinking about specific abstract noun concepts will help your students link personal experiences with the words and develop their understanding of abstract nouns.

2. Doodle on the page

Encourage them to doodle on the page to create images that support and explain the meanings of each word. This is a great extension acivity for those students that finish quickly.  Love could have a heart, speed could be a person with three lines behind them, fear could be a scared face.  There is a star above the word fantasy to get them started.

3. Create a personal list

Give your students their own blank lined sheet.  Ask them to scrunch it up and then flatten it out to create a textured page. They can then use this sheet to create their own list of abstract nouns. The list your students create can be glued into their books. They will then have their  list of abstract nouns on hand  for future writing activities.  This can also be done on large paper as a small group activity.

4. Use in writing areas

The original list and the ones that your students create can also be printed in A3 size and used in a writing area or in rotating writing activites.

Students can write sentences using abstract nouns from the list, look for abstract nouns within a subject area (for example feelings), or create illustrations for an abstract noun.

Handy 100 Abstract Nouns List

Quick Look at all the Abstract Nouns on this List:

justice, bravery, happiness, fear, calm, belief, sorrow, coldness, childhood, clarity, stupidity, luxury, luck, freedom, right, generosity, friendship, goodness, movement, sleep, awareness, beauty, love, pleasure, wisdom, appetite, loneliness, joy, hatred, solitude, peace, failure, idea, talent, wit, thrill, honesty, dishonesty, fact, fiction, lie, truth, success, annoyance, wealth, poverty, riches, care, disregard, infancy, confusion, brilliance, slavery, kindness, nap, ability, thought, loss, gain, growth, company, anger, cleverness, envy, irritation, fashion, trend, generation, religion, philosophy, belief, clarity, talent, timing, rhythm, union, marriage, divorce, delay, advantage, argument, dream, goal, horror

Abstract Nouns List 2 Exercise Ideas:

1. Write the abstract nouns in alphabetical order 

Write the abstract nouns in alphabetical order in your work book. If that is too big a task, write all the abstract nouns that start with the letter A or the  first letter of your name.

2. Circle the words that you don't know the meaning of 

Circle the words you don't know the meaning of and find their meaning in a dictionary or through a class discussion.

3. Choose one word and create a picture 

Choose one word and create a picture or poster that explores its meaning. 

Abstract Noun List with Definitions

Abstract Nouns on the list:

brutality - the quality of being cruel or savage

brilliance - a great brightness or obvious talent

chaos - a state of utter confusion or disorder

charity - something given to a person in need

despair - loss of hope

envy - an uncomfortable feeling of desire for another person's possessions

goodness - moral excellence

honor - integrity in ones beliefs or actions

leader - the directing head of a group

success - the accomplishment of ones goals

trust - confidence in the quality of a person or thing

victory - success achieved against an opponent or obstacle

Abstract Nouns List 3 Exercise Idea:

 1. Write a short story

 Use one of the words on this list to write a sentence about a  person or animal.  

 Now use that sentence as the central focus to write a short  one page story.  

 It may be helpful to start with a mind map to draw out some  ideas.  

 Who is the sentence about?  

 What are they like? Where are they from?  When did the story  take place?

 Why did the event in the sentence happen?

This could also work as a small group activity - students brainstorm an idea around a word and then each students writes their own version of the story.

Let your students create their own list with this I found
8 Abstract Nouns Worksheet

Here is a fun abstract and concrete nouns video


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