Free Teacher Worksheets

Hi! I'm Sherry, and I am a primary school teacher working in Queensland, Australia.

This is my growing collection of classroom ready worksheets and resources.  Please feel free to use them in any early childhood, kindergarten or primary school setting that you like.

All the links to my resources are on the left and  below you can find  the answers to questions that I get asked, often!

How do I  print out one of your worksheets?

Just right click on its image and the corresponding pdf file will open.  You will need a pdf reader on your computer. If you don't have one you can use Adobe which is free and reliable.

What size are the worksheets meant to be?

Most of the worksheets have been designed to be printed on an A4 size page but some (posters and group work activities) are better in A3.

How did you learn to make this website and do you earn money from it?

I learnt to make this website by following SBI's simple and practical step by step instructions. 

SBI showed me how  to use keywords and real content to create a website that given time would rank highly in search engines and create an income.

I just had to be willing to do the work.

After teaching during the day, I worked on this website at night.  I know that at times my family thought I was crazy and worried that I was chasing a pipe dream.  More than once they headed off to bed shaking their heads while I stayed up late studying and typing away.

In the end,  it was all worth it.  The SBI system worked for me and I now receive over 25 000 visitors a month (over 35 000 in October and November) and yes I earn money through Google ads and affiliate marketing, whether I am working on my site or not.

This is only the beginning though.

I am now working on the next stage of my big plan, to create and sell worksheet ebooks.  I still have a lot to learn but I am confident that if I follow SBI's plans then I will succeed at that as well.  

SBI has a huge resource centre where I can learn what I need to do next and a friendly and passionate forum community.

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