Free Teacher Worksheets

Free Teacher Worksheets has fun, teacher designed, classroom ready, black and white, multi-use resources, worksheets and extension activities that you can download right now.

Hi! I'm Renee, and I am a primary school  teacher working in Australia.  Free Teacher Worksheets is my website.  It is a growing collection of my worksheets and printables.  Please feel free to use them in any early childhood, kindergarten or primary school setting that you like.

All the worksheets on this website are designed to be printed in A4 size but some (posters and group work) can be better in A3.  All the worksheets are designed to be slightly smaller than the page so that no images or text are lost duing the printing process and all the worksheets are designed to be printed in black and white.

To download any free teacher worksheet just click on the image and a pdf file will open ready for download.  Enjoy and happy teaching!

Making the most of Free Teacher Worksheets

All my resources are designed to be used in a full lesson even if they are a simple picture.  Here are some ideas on how to do that.

At the start of the lesson before the sheet is handed out :

1. Discuss the subject of the worksheet.  What do the students already know about it?  Brainstorm information on the board.  

2. Make a list of related words.  How many words can we think of that relate to this subject?  For example a list for the subject of dogs may look like this: teeth, collar, food, water, bowl, lead, puppies, fleas, medicine, treats, bones.                 

3. Find examples of the subject in real life.  Where do we find it in the classroom, at home, in the shops, in nature, under water or in space?

4. Draw a picture of the subject and add a sentence or paragraph describing what is in the picture.                                    

5. Write a list of questions about the subject.  What would you like to know about it? This can be done individually, in small groups or on the board with the class.                                             

6. How do you relate to this subject or idea?  If it was brought into the classroom how would we respond?  Would we use it?  Would we look after it?  How?  Would we be happy about it?  Would we want more?  Would we keep it or share it?

After the worksheet or printable is handed out you can extend the activity by asking your students to :

1.  Write a list of all the things you would now like to know about the subject.  Exploring ideas should prompt questions that are different from the ones at the start.                          

2. Use a large piece of paper to create a mind map of all the information covered in the lesson.  This could be done individually or in small groups.                                                                                        

3. Create an information box.  Make a cardboard box out of a piece of A3 cardboard and cover each face with information and images about the subject.  Pile them up together to create a classroom display.  

4. Create a story or newspaper article around the subject.  

5. Fill a wall or notice board with facts and images about the subject.  Start with what you know and add more information as it is discovered.  Include questions and information.

6. Create aspects of the subject out of playdough, sticks and glue or paint and paint brushes.

7.  Design a two minute acting out (like a silent movie) of the information.

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